Hello, I know we just started the new admin contest, thing, oh well since then we already had 10 people put in stuff, and we have chosen the lucky two! Now, it's ok that you guys that tried didn't get the job, it is very ok. We may need more in the future, show it is all good.
Now, here is how it will work. We will have our first place winner, the first admin. Then we will have the second, and then we will have the runner-up. Now the runner-up is not an admin, but he can do some stuff on the site that others can't so far, like go into hidden pages, and look at stuff that hasn't been released into the site.

First place admin: R0bin266H00D
Second place admin: Yellowfang22
Runner-up: TheGuyCooper

Now you guys did great, our staff of admins loved your submissions, and we are glad to have you on the team, welcome to our site and make sure to get more people!
12/7/2012 11:39:21 am

Wow, I am happy and thanks for this, I will do my best job. You guys are great for choosing me, I won't let you down.

12/7/2012 11:48:14 am

I didnt get it, oh well better luck next time?

12/7/2012 11:53:20 am

runner-up? I dont get that umm what can i do?

12/8/2012 06:56:56 am

You get to look at new information we haven't posted, and get to enter secret rooms, pages.


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