I have no clue what Sanzaru Games is doing, but they have shown us all of the ancestors, except for Slaigh, and then they only show us five manniquins. What is going on? Are they leaving some of the ancestors out, or are they not showing us all of them? I hope they aren't, because that would make many people not happy, but oh well be glad that the game IS coming out!

Now, from past interviews, they said that Sly travels from the Old West to the Egyptian Pyramids, now, that means that Tennessee "Kid" Cooper will be in the game, and Slytunkhamen (My favorite ancestor) and which would make me happy. But, where is Slaigh, you ask?

In an other interview, you see a sabertooth costume in the background, and that leads to the Celtic Scotland era. But don't forget that Slaigh wasn't in the ancestor lineup that we have below these post, and why is that? I myself really don't know, maybe they are going to trick us like 343 did? I hope they do, but only with having more than five episodes, Slaigh to be playable, and I guess that is it.

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Emmanuel Cooapar
12/8/2012 06:55:27 am

yeah there is also a tennessee kid cooper coin out, showing what he looks like

The Great Sly III
12/8/2012 08:22:09 am

Actually, Slytunkhamen WILL be in the game, remember when the Treasure Design Contest was done, they excepted treasures that had an Egyptian theme to them, now we know that Slytunkhamen will be in the game!!!11

12/9/2012 07:39:02 am

Slytunkhamen has to be in the game, or i will be mad. He has to be in it, he is the BEST character, Sanzaru u guys better have HIM!!!!!!!1


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