Okay, now as you may know I am new, and am very happy to be able to post on this website. I joined this site on December 1st, and I love it! Also, I will be getting this page a forum, and as you know you may join, post stuff about on topic things, and talk to friends. It will mainly be about the Sly Cooper series, but I will be putting a page for other things, such as books, shows, other games, etc. I am very thankful for you guys allowing me to be on this page, and I will make you guys proud.
Now, back to the topic. This forum should be up before Christmas, the fastest I could try to get one is about, the 17, I hope that is good for you guys. Now once it is up, you will not be able to sign up until staff sign up. I don't want any impersonating going on, because I am very much not comfortable with that. Well, that is all, see ya!

12/8/2012 08:24:30 am



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