Hello, I am Brett, and this site is going to overcome some major updates. We are trying our best to get information, even though the lack of information from Sanzaru, scaring many people. Making them think that the game is going to be once again, delayed. There has also been some information or evidence that Sanzaru Games are laying people off, this may or may not be true, but it seems like it. But, anyways we will update as much as possibly, and maybe play with you in 66 days!
As many of you probably already know, there are only three confirmed ancestors. Rioichi Cooper, Sir Galleth Cooper, and Salim Al Kupar. But, many things have been leaked or shown that Tennessee "Kid" Cooper will make an appearance. Hopefully he does because he would have a cool combat system and he is one of my favorites.
Also, with a leaked video of Rioichi showing the levels in the game, only showing seven also have some proof that Tenneessee "Kid" Cooper will be in the game and other ancestors. Well, more info coming soon.
                                                                      ~ Raccoon37

Hello, and welcome to our newest fan web page. We will keep you updated with new Sly Cooper news and we all hope you enjoy our web page! We will start keeping you updated very soon!

    Sly cooper: thieves in time

    Possibly the best Sly game that will come out, and hope you guys enjoy!

    New fan art contest coming soon

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